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Mrs. Sarnacki's blog

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2/4/09:Welcome to Mrs. Sarnacki's blog. We are going to be using this site, or one similar to it to, to communicate with each other and to look at posted assignments. I would like for everyone to send me the following information:Your name, whether or not you were able to get a gmail account, and if so, send your gmail address. Also, I'd like you to send me the email address that you use most often.

Maggie, age 3 1/2

Lizzie, age 5 1/2

2/5/09By the end of today's class, I would like you to have done the following: 1. Make sure that you have a gmail (email account). Go to and click register. This way we will all be able to use google docs. Students whom I don't believe have finished this yet are Nelly, Kathy, Jeff, Terence, Mike, Jessica & Dexter. 2. I would like you to update your own GLOG with at least one entry of some sort from today. You can tell me how your day went, what your plans for the weekend are, etc. Also, I would like you to have one graphic and one picture in by the end of today's class. 3. Copy and paste this URL into your browser and read about the definition of Web 2.0 : finishing the reading, I would like you to send me a message (via your glog) that describes 3 Web 2.0 tools that you are currently using, and tell me how you use it.

Turkeys walking across my lawn in Otis, where I live.

2/9/09Hello, class!Today is Current Events quiz day. Please go to the following URL and take the current events quiz: you have finished the current events quiz, I would like you to sign into your gmail account. From there, click on MY ACCOUNT. We are going to explore 2 tools today, CALENDAR and PAGE CREATOR.


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