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Language Arts

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Mrs P Anderson

My College of choice was The University of Texas A&I/A&M in Kingsville Texas

When I Grew Up I Became

Question #9 Websites Used 1. copight 1996-2013 Authors: Jennifer,Mallory,Sue,Peggy Moss,and Kate Glinsmann2. www.thirdage.comcopyright 1997-2013 Third Age Media, LLC Authors: Sondra Forsyth or Jane Farrell3. copyright 1996-2011Texas A&M University Kingsville

Five Facts About Her

Priscilla Presley

All About Me Mrs. Anderson

Here is my son SkylarHI!

Here Iam with my daughter LidiaHi!

This is Mr. Anderson with Lidia!Hi there!

I now belong to Team Yale 6-2

Question #2 History of My Name Came

Question #8Facts About My College

Question #1What My Name Means

This is my other sonTylerHello There!

I have five cats and three dogs.

My Favorite Singers

Pit Bull

Jennifer Lopez

Question #3 This Famous Person Shares My Name

Question #8My Job I became a ELA Sixth Grade Teacher.I teach lessons and help students to learn about new things.Teachers have to be educated,patient,creative and supportive.An Average teacher makes from $2,000-5,000 a month.

Question #4Acostic PoemPriscilla is your teacher.Reading is my favorite subject.Iam very creative when it comes to my lessons.Students who are silly are okay with me.Coming up with new innovative projects is what I like to do.I am looking forward to see what my students will come up with.Looking at my students good grades makes me happy.Learning lnteresting,colorful and creative things about my students makes me smile. All of my students will surely get an A in my class and will have fun in the process.

Question #6My Funniest MemoryMy funniest memory was after I bought my new car. Thats when my daughter was trying to act out this same video on top of my car.

Question #7Advice for incoming sixth gradersDon't worry try you best if you need help just ask for it and you will have a blast here.

1. She was married to Elvis Presley.2. She is a successful actress, business woman, and entrepreneur.3. She opened a clothing Boutique in Los Angeles called "Bis A Beau".4. She turned Graceland into a tourist attraction worth over $100 million in 1988.5. She has a son named Navarone and a daughter nmed Lisa.6. She supports a Dream Foundation that grants wishes to terminally ill people.

What my name means to me.I take pride in my name especially when people remember it.I was born here in Harlingen, Texas.I weighed 6 pounds and was 19 inches. I was born so long ago I don't have a birth announcement.

The University1. has 63 academic programs,2. 100 registered student organizations,3. has 7 resident living halls that house up to 350 students-2 to 4 bedroom suites,4. for recreation it has two gymnasiums for exercising and sports, indoor weight room, jogging track and a 1st and 2nd floor rec room,5. and several athletic programs,6. class size varies upon enrollment.

My favorite TV show

I am poemIam a teacher, with high heel sneakersI wonder what planet my students are from.I hear them running to class.I see them always going to the bathroom. I want them to pass their classes.I am a teacher with high heel sneakers.I pretend to view inside their heads.I feel their hearts and souls.I touch their minds and assign-ments.I worry when they fail to pass.I cry when they are hurt by others or don't seem to care.I am a teacher, with high heel sneakers.I under-stand that they are just kids.I say they will pass their class.I dream that they all go to college.I try to get them to be polite and listen.I hope they heard me.I am a teacher, with high heel sneakers.

QuoteLife is like a box of chocolates you never know what you will get.This quote relates to me because I never know what kind of students I will get until the year is over.


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