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Author: Mastropieri/Scruggs


Name:Stephanie Loomis Date: March 2014

"To best address special learning needs, first determine where the problems lie." (132)This seems so obvious, yet even in parenting finding the source of any issue is key to finding an appropriate way to address it.

Identify to Address

"Questioning allows teachers to monitor students' understanding of the content.... Questioning allows students to actively practice the information...." (138-139)Good questions also lead to lively discussions which are a tremendous amount of fun.

Use Effective Questioning Techniques

Title: .The Inclusive Classroom

My thought #1

My thought #2

The Query

PASS is a useful concept. It keeps the teacher organized and less likely to ramble, which maximizes on-task behavior. It also keeps students focused because instruction is both clear and adaptable.

SCREAM is a terrible acronym!! I never want to scream at my students--even with good motives! I would rather CARE: Clear structure, Appropriate instruction, Rearticulate and review, Enthusiastic engagement. (And yes, I made that one up myself.)

How can we as teachers maintain enthusiasm when faced with parents and administrators who care more about the test scores (or the sports teams) than in the success of the teens we teach?



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