Mrs. Bonnell's Classroom Rules!

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Mrs. Bonnell's Classroom Rules!

Mrs. Bonnell's Classroom Rules!

Rule #1:Speak politely to everyone.

Rule #2:Listen quietly when others are speaking.

Rule #3:Keep your hands & feet to yourself.

Rule #4:Bring and take care of all classroom materials.

Rule #5:Follow classroom procedures with a good attitude.

Raymond Academy Conduct Code:0-2 Conduct Marks EExcellent3-5 Conduct Marks SSatisfactory6-8 Conduct Marks NNeeds Improvement8+ Conduct Marks U Unsatisfactory*Students receive 3 verbal warnings before 1st conduct mark.

Hierachy of Consequences:1st Offense: 3 verbal warnings2nd Offense: Moving down the guitar. If student stays on bottom three sections of guitar they receive conduct marks. (Ex: T for talking)3rd Offense: Student & Teacher conference with "Think Paper".4th Offense: Guardian phonecall/Parent conference5th Offense: Daily Conduct folder

Rockin' Behavior Conduct Guitar

Behavioral Incentives!!

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