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mrg frida kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the greatest female artists of all time. She is of Mexican/German descent, had a drama filled life due to a cheating husband, several physical problems and most of which came through the symbolism within her artwork.

Some people believe Frida suffered from low self esteem due to her husband's affairs and one leg shorter than another due to Polio as a little girl. Her pain and suffering are shown through the many self portraits that she created.


WHAT DID FRIDA SEE?1910 - Mexican Revolution begins1920 - 19th Amendment is ratified, allowing women the right to vote.1930 - The planet formerlly known as Pluto is discovered by astronomers.1939 - Poland invaded by Germany, begins WWII1951 - Color television introduced1954 - US Supreme Court rules against Racial Segration in schools.

"Frida and Diego Rivera" here we have two legendary artists in yet another portrait of Frida's. If you notice the proportions between the two, because Diego really was a much larger man than his wife. Friends and family used to call the couple "The Elebphant and the Dove." Diego Rivera, despite being a womanizing Communist, was also a rather accomplished Muralist (someone who creates paintings on large walls.)

FRIDA KAHLO (1907-1954)

KNOW THE ARTIST by her style:Frida normally makes self portraits. She is normally shown with animals (notice the similar hair with the Monkey) and she wears long Mexican styled dresses - which she used to hide her one leg that was shorter than another.

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Check out this student made video on Kahlo for more info!

For additional info on the Mexican Culture or the Murals of Diego Rivera, click on this video from Streamline.


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