Mr. Putter & Tabby: RING THE BELL

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Language Arts

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Mr. Putter & Tabby: RING THE BELL

Mr. Putter & Tabby: Ring the BellBy: Cynthia Rylant & Arthur Howard

The school bell is rining. The crispy fall wind is blowing. Mr. Putter wishes he could go back to school-- even for just one day. Then he has an idea: How about a visit during show-and-tell with Mrs. Teaberry, Tabby, and Zeke?

When reading a story, we sometimes find words that we don't know. In this story here are some new words we will learn:Crispy, Rhubarb, Trifle, Pardon, Disappear, & Festive.

The topic of a story is: what the story is about, or the theme of the story. In this story what do we think the topic is?

When reading a story I like to guess what will happen next, and see if the words will give me a hint about what will happen next. When making guessing, and using hints we call that a prediction.

What do you think Zeke (the dog) and Tabby (the cat) will do for show-and-tell?

When the LOUD school bell rings, how do you think Zeke and Tabby will react?


Key Words



IllustrationsAnother easy way to help us figure out what is happening, or going to happen next in a story is to look at the pictures.

What Could We Predict From THIS Story


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