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Mr Poppers Penguins

A Little About Myself You may or may not know me, I am Captain Cook the most famous penguin of Mr. Popper. I'm the Rudolph of the reindeer and I'm the Bill Belichick of the Patriots, you get the point . I'm a papa penguin that has had eleven lovely children named Nelson, Columbus, Louisa, Jenny, Scott, Magellan, Adelina, Isabella, Ferdinand, and Victoria. I also have a wife named Greta . I have been through many adventures like going through a crate from Antarctica to Stillwater and going back to Antarctica on a boat.

My Family and FriendsMy family is the most important thing to me. Mr. Popper takes amazing care of me and I love to watch Bill Janie play. My real family is awesome too! I love to see Nelson and Colombus fight, and I love the big adventures my family has. My friends are also as important to me. A big shout out to all my penguin homies up there in Antacrtica!! Two explorers I think are the coolest I have met are Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd and Roald Amundsen. According to Enchanted Learning, "Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd (1888-1957) was an Arctic and Antarctic explorer, pioneering aviator, and US Naval Officer. On May 9, 1926, Byrd (the navigator) and Floyd Bennett (the pilot) made what may have been the first airplane trip over the North Pole, in a 15 1/2 hour flight; they flew from King's Bay, Spitsbergen, Norway, to the North Pole and back again. There is a dispute as to whether or not they actually reached the pole. He also made many trips to Antarctica." Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach Antarctica specifically the South Pole. Heres a quick fun fact my great grandparents said they saw James Cooks ship shipwreak near there home but my family is a bit on the kooky side so they maybe are telling the truth or maybe not.

My family is in trouble!Greta, Nelson, Columbus, Louisa, Jenny, Scott, Magellan, Adelina, Isabella, Ferdinand, Victoria, and I are in trouble. Global warming is melting our homes, and here is how you can help. Always have a well inflated tires, avoid driving alot; instead use things like the bus, walk, train, carpool, or have a plug in car like a Prius.

In my Blog you will learn all about my very amazing life.

Captain Cook's Interactive Blog Book: Mr Poppers Penguins

Richard AtwaterRichard Atwater is one of the authors of Mr. Poppers Penguins. Fun fact: in the non published version, Mr. Popper draws a penguin on a mirror with shaving cream and it comes to life! Richard Atwater's first book was called Doris and the Trolls. He worked for numerous newspaper companies, such as the Chicago Tribune. He went to the University of Chicago. He found a wife named Florence. He sadly had a stroke in 1934 and could not continue the book. Mr. Atwater died in 1948. I wonder who continued the book?

More About Captain James CookCaptain cook joined the navy of a old age of 26 because most navy members were about 17.Captain Cook had a hard death because in 10 Things You May Not Know About Captain James Cook it says ". When Cook’s ship Discovery fired its cannons at another group of Hawaiians, the explorer panicked and discharged a rifle before fleeing to a waiting boat. He didn’t get far before he was pelted by stones and struck by a club. A Hawaiian warrior then brandished a knife—a gift from Cook—and plunged it into his back. Cook fell into the surf and was repeatedly stabbed and bashed with rocks. After he perished, the Hawaiians ritualistically prepared his corpse as they would that of a king. They preserved his hands in sea salt, then roasted the rest of his body in a pit before cleaning his bones" that is pretty dang intense.

What my Name Actually MeansMy name is Captain Cook because there is a famous explorer named James Cook who was born November 7, 1728, Marton, United Kingdom he died February 14, 1779, Kealakekua Bay, HI and he had six children named Elizabeth Cook, Hugh Cook, George Cook, Nathaniel Cook, Joseph Cook, James Cook

James CookMr James Cook was an explorer and an expert map maker. He also had to overcome the disease scurvy, which is an illness where you have low vitamin C .

Florence AtwaterAfter Richard Atwater died Florance Atwater (Richard Atwater's wife) continued the book and took out some crazy and surreal parts to make it more realistic but still for children. Mrs Atwater knew French, English, and Latin. Ms Atwater also wrote articles for the paper she wrote for the New Yorker and The Atlantic. Mrs Atwater got the Newbery Honor for Mr Poppers Penguins which was the highest award you can get in childrens books.

I got my own movie!!! It is the best movie in the world, but there are alot of differences from my real life. My movie, Mr. Popper's Penguins, made $688,224,452 in total.

Discrepancy between the movie and the book:1. My family's names are all wrong.2. Mr. Popper had a first name, Tom, and he was rich.3. Mr. Popper lived in New York not Stillwater.4. The movie was set in the 2011 while the book was more old timey like the 1800s.5. Mr. Popper and Ms. Popper were divorced in the movie but well connected in the book. 6. Mr. Popper was a businessman in the movie but a painter in the book.7. Mr. Popper in the book loves Antarctica but does not really care for it in the movie.

ThemeMy story has many themes but the main one is don't misjudge, because people used to look at me like I'm a monster but now people love me. Another theme is family is a important, because I love my family and Mr Popper loves his family alot. A third theme is kindness, because Mr. Popper is very kind. He let me live in the basement, he let me hang out in his fridge, he feeds me, and we go on a trip to Antarctica.

Goquest Expression stylesTechnolgical, artistic, and service.

How Me and Mr.Popper are Different and AlikeMr. Popper is very different because he liives in a house while I live in a fridge, he has 2 kids while I have 11, and I sort of like to mess up his house so im sort of an distraction to other people. Mr. Popper and me are also sort of alike because he likes Antartica and so do I, we also dress the same, and we both sort of like to explore.


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