Mr Nesbitt - Summer Project

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Mr Nesbitt - Summer Project

Literacy is a key factor within every subject and for this term pupils will be asked to produce a reasearch booklet based on an artist, designer or craftsperson of their choice. Over the next 5 weeks pupils will need to produce a 10-15 page booklet covering the main points in their chosen topic

Week 5Present your work to the group

Week Three and FourVisual Research

Week One Make Sketchbook from Card, Paper and Split Pins

Week TwoWritten Research


Mr Nesbitt

Artist Research

Get InspiredMake sure you choose an interersting topic

What message does Art Convey?Please watch Video in Lesson 1

What must be included?1. Title Page2. Brainstorm And Visual Page3. Artist History4. General Pages made up of Drawings, Images and written information



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