Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

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Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

Author's purposeThe author was saying that courage and braveness can lead to a successful result and experience at the end when you have overcome the tough and long difficult times. Also, the author wants the audience to know to never give up easily on what you’re trying to achieve on.

The book, "Mr.Midshipman Hornblower" takes place in France in 1793 while a young midshipman named Hornblower learns to overcome his weakness through sailing through storms, fighting battles, survivng as a prisioner of war, and taking any chances that comes in between.


Orignial Movie

Mr.Midshipman Hornblower


This book made me cheer because it showed how Hornblower was giving all his effort and braveness against battles, accidents, and surviving from sinking ships. Probably, not many people had courage like him at that time, so I felt like I was able to cheer for him.

“Welcome to Purgatory.” - Mister Midshipman Kennedy (First line spoken to Horatio Hornblower upon boarding the Justinian

Who should or shouldn’t read this book? Why? Personally, I think anyone in any range of groups can read this book. The reason why I think so is because even though the story is thriller and adventure it’s not too scary or terrifying for people who dislikes these genre and also appropriate words and pictures are used so you it is approved for anyone.

After reading the opening chapter of this book... I felt very terrible how life was like back then during 1793 in England and France. For example, in the text it says that a year ago, the French people had cut off the head of their king. This shows me that they were violent and gives a frightening image of the people living at that time.

Some words I didn’t quite understand was lieutenant, cutlass, despatches, frigate, and jolly boat. These words were specifically used by seaman, so I had never used or heard of these words before.


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