Mr. Frank

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Mr. Frank

S1:"I am feeling sad because i am leaving amsterdam and i want to leave everything behind because all the bad things that happen before was terrible and i just have to leave."

S2:"Today we go to hiding and I am kind of the one that is taking care of the family like it’s a big family."

Status Act 1

S3:" Today we are still hiding, but something is new today.Today we have a new person his name is Dussel he is nice and he is allergic to anything that has fur."

S4: "Today Anne was screaming because she had a bad dream and every one was saying that someone could of heard us i know that’s true but she is my daughter and i have to just do what a dad can do."

S5:"Today is the day we really don’t have to worry so much because today is hanika and we are in a big family maybe this could be the last time that we did this maybe not i don’t know what the day is going to bring us to but let’s not talk about that that we are celebrating.

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S1:"Today Miep and Mr.Kraler brought us cake and Mrs. and Mr. van dann fought over the cake I mean who does that, the cake is for every one. Also Mr.Kraler told me that a guy that works for him told him if their was a door their and he was suspicious so he wants Mr.kraler to pay him but he is going to only pay half of what he is supposed to pay him."

Scene 2

S2:"Today I’m am worried about Anne she is getting along with Peter that’s good news but they have became really close together and things are worrying me right now about Anne and peter because something might happen when I’m not around."

s3:"Today is a special and also non- special day because today miep came to the Annex for a very special surprise. The surprise is the invasion has begun and we are all so exited. Before miep came over we were all fighting because Mr. Van Dann was stealing some bread and were we going to kick them to the streets but since Miep came we forgot all about that."

S4:"Right now it is a terrible time because their are man in the front pounding on the door and the everyone is scared because it might be are last day here and together."

S5:"They took everyone away from because now i have no family with me and now i am alone with the guy’s because we are separate and i miss Anne."

-His family is Anne,Margot,and his wife is Mrs.Frank. -He owned his own business and then he had to leave. -They lived above his business and they could not make any noise.-He die August 19,1980 and he was 91 years old-1925-1929 otto and edith got marry!/en/Subsites/Timeline/World-War-Two-1939-1945/The-Arrest/

Otto Frank Facts

Backround: I put that there because that where they were hiding Pictures:I put all the pictures because that how Otto was and also his familyVideo: I put that there because it was talking about what was happening and what they did to the frank'sMusic: It was smooth and it thought it was appropriate for this project


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