Mr. Frank

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Mr. Frank

I am letting a new person to hiding place.Mr. Kraler came into our room asking, and begging us to bring in a new person so he can go into hiding.Now am telling Anne why air raids are a good sign.I have told her that Air raids are good because it is a sign that the war is coming to an end soon. As people said in the old days, The more, the better.I am scared to death right now!We heard noise downstairs and we were all thinking it was the green police. We checked and the noise scared the person. The person was just a robber. It was stupid that he ran out with and left the outside door open.

Mr.Otto Frank

1.)He was good because he let people be in the hiding place where his family is with him to. 2)He was trustful with any thing you asked him .3)He was a grate person because he lied so he and his family and be save.

Mr. Frank when he was young

I am doing my best to calm Mrs. Frank down, it is not working I need to think on what to do.Mr.van daan was stealing food this whole time just for himself.This whole time we thought it was the rats, but it was not, it was just a person that is selfish and doesn't like to share.

I’m scared because we are going to get killed soon. I survived and am sad because my wonderful people died next to me.

We are completely quiet. The phone is ringing and we are scared. The nazis found us I don’t know what to do

Music Mr.Otto Frank liked in the 1940's.

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