Mr. Frank

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Mr. Frank

Facts about Frank


Act 1 & Act 2

Act 1:Scene: 1 I am thinking of leaving Amsterdam and stating fresh.Scene: 2 We just went into hiding and i feel so tense.Scene: 3 To day we have a new person coming in the house.Scene: 4 Trying to clam Anne down she just had a nightmare .Scene: 5 To day is Hanukkah and I am so thankful. Act 2:Scene: 1 To day was unbelievable everyone was fighting over cake Scene: 2: Business all dayScene: 3 I could not believe that Mr. VanDan would do something like this Scene: 4 I need to be strongScence:5 My wife needs to stay claim

Talks about what happened

-His name is Otto Frank-He was born on May 12, 1889 in Frankfurt am Main. - August 1915-He was drafted into the military 1915- May 12, 1925Frank marries Edith Holländer in Aachen-Has 2 kids Anne & Margot

Behind the bookself leds to were they were hiding

Here !

I put this song becauseMr.Frank was the only one to serve


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