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MozartBy JoelBorn on January 27,1756 in Salzburg Austria, Wolfgang quickly became one of the best musicians and composers who has ever lived. He was born to a German violinist and composer named Johann Georg Leopold Mozart. His father was also a teacher, and was the man who taught Mozart. His mother was Anna Maria Walburga Mozart. Mozart had 6 siblings. Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus, Maria Crescentia Francisca de Paula, Johann Karl Amadeus,Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia,Maria Anna Nepomuceno Walpurgis,Maria Anna Cordul, and Johann Leopold Joachim. Of the seven, only Mozart and one of his sibling survived infancy, and Mozart sadly became the only child of Leopold Mozart to survive.

Mozart did many musical works in his lifetime. He made many symphonies. Some are Horn Concerto,Turkish March Piano Sonata No 11,Violin Sonata K378 "Rondeau", String Quartet No 23 , and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Here is the first movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. It is played on the violin.

TravelMozart was a very successful man. He started playing the violin when he was 5 and started performing publicly only a year later, when he was 6. He also learned the Harpsichord and was an accomplished pianist. He also became a successful composer. He mainly composed operas, symphonies, and concerto. When he was young his family made many European journeys. In these Mozart and his brother would perform as child prodigies. This was from 1762-1763. It was in these trips that Mozart met many other musicians, and earned the chance to acquaint himself with their works. He was only 8 when he composed his first piece. On the 13 of March 1773 Mozart returned with his father from Italy to Salzburg. It was then that he was employed by the ruler of Salzburg as a court musician. This was not surprising though, because Mozart had many admirers in Salzburg and had a very strong knowledge of Music. Becoming a court Musician gave Mozart the opportunity to learn many genres of music. These included symphony, sonatas, serenades, string quartets, masses, as well as minor operas. In 1776 Mozart became interested in piano concertos, and in 1777 critics proclaimed his work as breakthrough. However, despite his success Mozart resigned in August of 1777. Mozart then went to Paris in March 14th of the next year. Mozart fell into debt and had to pawn valuables. On July 3rd 1778 Mozart's mother died. Mozart's most famous symphony on the journey was a minor piano sonata. Mozart earned a career in Vienna later in his life. In 1786-87 Mozart returned to opera. In 1788-90 Mozart became ill, and rarely was out in public. In 1791 on December 5th in Vienna Austria Mozart sadly died. It is not known exactly how he died, but there is speculation it was because of a strep infection.

Life outside of musicMozart lived in the mid 18th century, which was when the Roman government had broken up into smaller governments.There were many rivalries, and political leaderships were made up off the aristocrats and the wealthy. Mozart taught many people. His most famous student was Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Mozart married Constanze and joined the Mozart family with the Webbers.

How it startedWolfgang was mostly taught by his father, Leopold Mozart. Today he would be considered a homeschooled prodigy. At the time Mozart lived, children would learn from watching their fathers play. As a result mozart went into music.

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