Amadeus Mozart

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Amadeus Mozart

WolfGang Amadaus Mozart

Mozarts Most famous Piece: The Marriage of Figaro

Mozarts Parents are Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart

Born: In Salzburg, January 27,1756

died: In Vienna, December 5, 1791

He was constanly traveling over Europe with, his father, Leopold Mozart.

Died at the age of 35

Mozart created 625 works


Mozart Composed: 50 Symphomies25 Piano Concertos12 Violin Concertos27 Concert Arias26 String Quartets103 Minuets15 Masses21 Opera Works

In the age of 4 he could learn a piece of music in half an hour. At the age of 5 he was able to play the clavier very well. At the age of 6 he was composeing music and writing his first symphonies.


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