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Mozart Assignment

It is said that Mozart died because when he was younger he traveled way too much, without enough sleep


MOZART, A FAMOUS COMPOSER WHO WAS A PIANIST FROM THE AGE OF 6.1. He composed over 300 songs.2. Mozart traveled to many different places3. His full name was wolfgang amadeus mozart

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Mozart began to play the piano from the young age of about 6, he, as some say was “born with talent”

Even though Mozart was a fantastic Composer he was very poor and lived in poverty!

When Mozart traveled around the country in his young age, he proformed concerts with his sister. This is bad for his health, and he would normaly sleep at 12:00PM

Mozart lived from :1756~1791.He only lived 35 years!

Mozart also had no success in love life. [like Beethoven]

Some Of Mozart's songs:1.Eine kleine Nachtmusik2.Piano concerto 21 3.Rondo Alla Turca

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