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Mowgli: The Only One


This symbol represents the natural and everlasting relationship between our biological ancestors and Earth's vegitation. The paw on hand represents the mutual trust that human have for animal, and animal for human. The leaves show the atmosphere where this relationship flourishes, which can only be found in the wild- a place where the earth is yet to be touched by urbanizatuion. Lastly, the circle represents the world as a community for both animals, plants, and humans to flourish and grow together. This significance of the cirlcle incoperates a part of the teachings and beliefs of the Mowgee's in the Mowglion symbol.

Belief's of the Mowgees

There are 3 basic beliefs in the Mowglion religion that is very important for all Mowglion followers (the Mowgees) to understand.


Mowglion Rules

Earth Day

Coming of age

The Mowglion Anthem.Note: This anthem has no words. This is because of the fact that animals can't speak and it is believed that it would be disrespectful to them if they were not able to be apart of the celebratory song about their exitistance It was created so that both man and creature could enjoy a universal song.

The name of the religion, Mowglion, comes from the name of their diety, Mowgli. In "The Grasses" (anicent scriptures), tell the stories of Mowgli being the first human to live with animals in the wild, coming across obstacles like making friends with a bear, avoiding dangers of snakes and tigers, and living with his new family of wolves. He is refered to as "The Only One" because he was the first to embark on this way of life, making him considered to be the "only one" who did it first. In The Grasses, when Mowgli dies, it is said he was put in a hole so deep that he was planted into the center of the Earth. It is no believed that Mowgli is now the great power at the center of the Earth and the reason for why we live everyday. Because each Mowgee wants to create a more intimiate relationship Mowgli, they make a respcetful and loving relationship with nature and wildlife. This is why they have a the Coming of Age initiation and ceremony, so each person gets a better chance to be closer with Mowgli by being closer with wildlife. The only description there is known of Mowgli in The Grasses is that he was a small, skinny male, with short black hair, and only wore a small slip of clothing. Mowgli is not seen as a person now, but rather as a spirit-"a warmth"- at the center of the Earth; the reason for their existance until this point.

Earth day, which takes place on April 22nd, is a sacred day in the Mowglion religion. This is a day dedicated to praising all animal and plant life, and Mowgli, living at the center of the Earth. On this day, Mowgee communities will come together at the center of their colonies, forming one very large circle, representing the Earth. Each person will attend the ceromony with a gift they want to give Mowgli for carving the way so that they could have a peaceful relationship with all Earth's living things, and among themselves. A large hole will be made at the center of the human circle, which is where each gift willl be deposited. Once the praise and celebration is done, the hole will be covered up and is said to be "absorbed by the warmth of Mowgli".

At the age of 5, when a child is capable of walking and speaking, he is given to a family of a specific animal speicies. The young girl or boy is given to the animal in accordance to their horoscope. Since a belief is that animals are their ancestors, the Mowgee's believe that their child is in better hands of their ancestors since they have the experience and wisdom to live a good life. Aswell, all parents want their child to relive the experience of their god, Mowgli. They live their in the wild for 10 years, until they are reunited with their family at the age of 15. At 15 years old, there is a welcoming celebration into adult life, recognizing how their life growing up in the wild is difficult, but it is difficult for the reason of learning the true importance of all life. As an adult, they are precieved to now be knowledgable about the Earth, and to have had an intimate relationship with Mowgli through their 10 year journey.

There are 4 basic rules in the Mowglion Religion.

1) There is a reason behind why animals and humans have such good relationships- the animals raising the the Mowgee child are previous ancestors of that family.2) Plants, on the other hand, are the going to be families' future generations. They must be respected and treated with care.3) Any and all vien distruction of wild life or plant life will result in you completely leaving the world. Ones spirit and soul are now gone due to ones vien actions of purposely harming the harmony of wild life and its habitat. If you protect the land and its creatures, you will always be reinarnated into another living organism, where you could once again become a human. This is the ultimate goal.


1) One must not damage nature or harm wildlife. This includes being a vegitarian, unless it is an animal already killed by other animals or natural selection. Shelter can only be used by items in nature that have already previously died.2) Mowgee's cannot be apart of the urbanized world. This goes against perserving plant and wildlife since others don't have the same relationship and beliefs of protecting the Earth.3)The death of a human by a fellow human is punished by not allowing the member to be apart of a Mowglion clan. He/she is put in an unknown location where it is forced to live until they eventually die.4) If you find another belief where there may be another God, or another spirit you believe in, it is accepted. However, Mowgli remains to be the most ultimate power.


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