Moving Straight Ahead (by henman4956)

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Moving Straight Ahead (by henman4956)

Moving Straight Ahead


Practice Problems: scroll down to see the answers Find the y-intercept of the graph to the right. What would the equation be by using the y-intercept and the slope of the line? Question 1: the y-intercept is positive one. Question 2: the equation would be y=x+1

watch me i'm informational

watch me too! you can learn how to solve equations

solve these equations and the tables

Unit Activities: 1. How to use graphing calculators 2.Walking Rates 3. Balanced Equations 4. Exploring Slope

definitions: Linear Relationship- A linear relationship is shown as a straight line on a graph Graphs- A graph shows the progress of information, or a comparison of data Equations- An equation is used to find data Table- a table shows two variables and their information side-by-side Slope of a Line- the slope of a line is the angle at which a piece of information is increasing or decreasing Y-intercept- The Y-intercept is where the line of data crosses the y-axis

please,scroll down

find the y-intercept and the slope for both lines.

My ratings: Tables- moderate difficulty because it is difficult to make an equation out of it, but easier to make with an equation Graphs- easy difficulty because they are easy to make with a table and equation. also it is easy to make tables and equations Equations-semi-moderate difficulty because they are easy to solve, they are easy to make with graphs, but hard to make with tables

Connection to the real world: Graphs- graphs are used by CEOs to show increase and decrease in business Tables- tables are used by scientist that study medicines, so they can compare the increase of antibodies and the decrease of diseases Equations- someone who takes inventory of things can use an equation to balance out materials befor transporting things



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