Moving out

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Social Studies

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Moving out

Things to consider when moving out.

-The costs of bills.-maitnence on the building our house, things that will need to be done.-Car maitnence, gas, etc.-Food costs.-living on your own, or with a room mate.

Some people may chose to move out sooner then others. A good time to move out would be when your done school, and are old enough to live on your own. Also having a good paying job is ideal.


Moving Outby Victoria Luscombe

It's a good idea to consider reanting before moving out.-You don't have to pay for upkeep of the house. -If one needs to move out its easyer, then if you had to sell your own house etc.

roommates are a good thing to consider,-they can help pay for bills, food, and gas.- It will save both persons money by sharing a house or apartment.



Why Move out?

Its very important to concider getting insurance:- It will help if there is an acedent or natural disaster.



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