Moving Out Project

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Moving Out Project

What does it TAKE to move out?What things should you CONSIDER?What do you NEED?Are you READY?LET'S FIND OUT!

Good reasons1. To learn responsibility2. If your post-secondary school or career is a while away from your parents home3. To gain independence4. To learn life skills

Your lifestyle choices can give you success and can be the reason for your failure. GOOD HABITS you develop in your parents house, like keeping your room tidy or making yourself a schedule, will TRANSLATE in to your life alone and into your life AT WORK. Make sure you can make good lifestyle choices before moving out.

Buying Vs. Renting

LifeStyle.... Consequences

Why Are You Moving Out?


Your Roommates:You love 'em and you hate 'em, but no matter what you think of them you're going ot have them!

Last but not least:Ask for help!It is exciting to be alone and independent, but if you're confused, don't think it's all on you. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience around you in parents, mentors, and teachers

The Question of Insurance

Insurance is important.Whether it is life insurance, house insurance, car insurance, or health insurance, insurance is essential. If your house burns down, insurance will give enough money to get back on your feet. Make sure to read the entire contract to know how much your insurance covers before signing on to it.

You want a house, but now you have to decide whether or not to rent or buy. Both have there pros and cons. With renting, it is possible the monthly pay can raise, while a house pay is a one time deal. However, if there is a pumbing problem, you can contact your tenant to pay for a repairman, while in your own house, you have to pay for him yourself.One of the biggest things to consider while deciding on renting or buying is the amount of time you will live there. If your hoping for along time, maybe go with buying the house. This way you build up equity and gain mroe if you sell it later.

BY:Rachel Fletcher


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