[2015] Izabela MOczydlowski: Movies from the Roaring 1920's

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[2015] Izabela MOczydlowski: Movies from the Roaring 1920's

Movies from the Roaring 20's

Gary Cooper was an actor who was in eighty-four feature films, all of them leading role. It was a huge star, during the time. Many loved him, so it wasn't a shock that he worked till 1961. I picked him because he is a hard worker, and he was a great actor playing all those roles, and being a lead in most. He was born in Helena, Montana, on May 7, 1901 and died in 1961. He was born to British parents and was educated in Britain in the years leading up to World War I.His agent change his name from Frank to "Gary", (after his hometown in Indiana). His agents also got him to go and try out for the movie "The Winning of Barbara Worth". When the second lead didn't show up, Gary took his spot. Many loved him and he was asked to do a part in "It". Thanks to a passionate affair with Clara and at her insistance, he was given a role in "Children of Divorce" and then starred in "Wings" both in 1927. "The Virginian" in 1929 was the first movie that he spoke in. He was known as a play boy for having many alleged romances with several of his leading ladies, including Clara Bow and Patricia Neal. Even when he was married with Veronica Balfe and had a child with her, he still dated others. But that didn't stop people from loving him. Then he died from cancer on May 13, 1961. I guess the importance of Gary Cooper was how much people loved him. One quote that he even say quote;The only achievement I am really proud of is the friends I have made in this community.This means as people view him as a friend, he did to. He didn't just see people as fans, he saw them as friends. This is why is he was a great importance to the 1920's because everyone saw him as a hardworking, great actor, and a friend.

Metropolis was the best movie in the 1920's. It was made in 1927. it is science fiction, and is about the furture. I picked this movie to talk about since this was the most popular movie in the time, and it showed how they thought the furture would be. And it's a movie for both girls and boys. For girls romance, for boys bombs, and robots. The whole movie is about a vast future city of sixty million people that is divided between its proletariat a.k.k works, and the rich. One day Freder, son of the city’s leader Joh Fredersen sees Maria when she leads a delegation of children up into the upper towers from down below. He follows them and when he sees how the poor been living, he goes to his dad, and ask to make their lifes better. But his dad goes to the scientist Rotwang and gets him to build a robot double of Maria that invokes the workers to rebel and bring the city smashing down. Lesson of the movie don't make robots of your child's crush, or the whole town turns on you. The ending I won't tell you, go find it yourself it's only 210 minutes long. But this movie is a symbol since many people loved it so much, it was called the best movie in the time. One quote from the movie that I really like was quote;Freder: It was their hands that built this city of ours, Father. But where do the hands belong in your scheme?Joh Frederson: In their proper place, the depths. This means that people with great power, mostly get help from the small people. They get all the money and fame, for just sitting there doing nothing, while the people who do all the work get nothing. This movie shows that pretty well, and shows what happens if someone goes to far.

In honor of "Metropolis people build a statue in Babelsberg, Germany of the Maria, the main female in the movie. Once more it's show how much people loved this movie, if they put the time to make this. Brigitte Helm played Maria and her robot. When she plays Maria she is seen as a kind girl. During the movie Rotwang chases her, even when she didn't know why. Until Rotwang catches Maria. Maria felt asleep and was sent to Rotwang lab to transform her body to the robot made by Rotwang. When she wakes up, she isn't the same kind girl, no is was very naughty because she was doing dancing of the 7 deadly sins. Then hell breaks out. I can see why they build a statue of her, she sounds like a great person. One second sweet and kind, next she is made of metal, and bringing in sin. There is one quote that she said that I liked that is quote; There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator. This means we can make mistacks but it can work out if people ake people involved in a conflict come to an agreement. This is something, because Maria wanted peace with the rich, untill she became a robot. But this quote shows how much she care about peace. So yes this picture does have a huge meaning to people who want fighting to stop, and want peace on both sides.

Nickelodeon was a movie theater, that was famous. It was one of the first indoor movie theaters with motion pictures films. Fact: Nickelodeon was the palce for fun for many childern and families.And that's it was a place where families haved fun.In 1905, some 450 people attend the opening day of the world’s first nickelodeon, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and developed by the showman Harry Davis.The storefront theater boasted 96 seats and charged five cents for each person. Soon spread across the country.Short films, usually less than a minute long, became a regular part of vaudeville shows at the turn of the century as “chasers” to clear out the audience after a show. Soon 5 cents became 10 cents for a one-hour show. Nickelodeons developed soon after, offering both movies and live acts. More people started to go during the 1920's when more movies were being made. Soon they started to show Warner Bros., RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures, and even Universal Pictures. This place been here of a long time, people go there to watch movies and get's us all in one place. One quote I found (not sure what year it was told but the guy was alive in the time) by John Hustson was quote;"The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world." When you were in Nickelodeon you weren't alone, people were all around you. Also when you sat there watching the movie it was like a whole new world was opened up. So yes Nickelodeon is a pretty good symbol due to it's past of bringing us all in one room together.

Charlie Chaplin was a movie star more famous than Gary Cooper. He was known as the "great comedian since he was that funny. But he was better known as the Tramp. He was a great importance, because he had the power to make people smile. When someone was upset, all they needed to do was watch one his movies, and you just laugh, and smile. Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Walworth, London, England on April 16th, 1889, to Hannah Harriet Pedlingham (Hill) and Charles Chaplin, both music hall performers. When Charles left Hill tryed to sing in shows, but her voice broke. So when this happen the stage manager had Charlie (who was standing in the wings) go sing a popular tune. This happen when he was five-year-old. Chaplin began his official acting career at the age of eight, touring with The Eight Lancashire Lads. At 18 he began touring with Fred Karno's vaudeville troupe, joining them on the troupe's 1910 US tour. Then as luck has it Keystone Studios' popular comedy director Mack Sennett, saw Charlie's perform and got him signed to be a actor. Chaplin appeared in and directed 35 films, starring as the Little Tramp in nearly all. He was was married four times and had a total of 11 children. Sadly Chaplin died of natural causes on December 25, 1977 at his home in Switzerland. The last movies he made were "The Freak" and "The Gentleman Tramp" both made in 1975. He is a great importance to the 1920's because he was funny and is a great performer. I found a quote to help with this is states quote;To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.”― Charles Chaplin This is what Charles was good at he did go with pain sometimes, but then he turned it to a joke and laugh about it. He told how you won't be happy how he was, if you just let pain get to you. This is why he is a great symbol, he not only makes people in the 1920's smile, he did for the right reasons to make the pain go away.


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