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Movie Theater

Communication problems between amc theaters and viewers with hearing problems

By Conner Copeland

Who does this affect?



"I Dont Go to Movie Theaters"

My Solution

In the United States there are 48 million people with some degree of hearing lossThis affects but is not limited to: Senior citizens Deaf people People who use hearing aids Teens Veterans People with mild hearing loss

Movies have loud and soft moments. Not everyone can hear the quiet moments of a movie. Movies do not project subtitles therefore this is no alternative. Because of this people do not want to attend a movie theater they cannot hear. People with hearing problems are unaware of amc's hearing accomodations they offer. They offer a many great hearing devices to people but many people do not know about them or where to get them.

Key placed posters in movie theaters will inform viewers of amc's offerings and services.Placing a small sign at the ticket booth will inform viewers where to attain hearing devices.At the Help Desk there will be a sign above reading "Pick Up Your Assistive Hearing Devices Here".

University of OklahomaENGL 1213-026Malone, Eddie12/17/15


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