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Movie Star Luna


Luna's Biography

- LUNA CAMPOS - Hi!! I'm Luna. I'm 12 years old. I live in Vilafant. My family is very complicated, because my mum lives in Tenerife with my brother, I live with my dad. My dad has a girlfriend, her name is Sandra. Sandra has two sons, Adrià and Júlia, my brothers. THIS IS MY FANTASTIC FAMILY

- LUNA'S FILMOGRAPHY-2003 - I was born2004 - I went to live in Bcn2008 - I went to live in Saragossa2010 - I went to live in Osca 2013 - I went to live in Vilafant2016 - I'm here


- LUNA'S HOBBIES -My hobbies are singing, always my parents say "Luna, silence please!"I'm very tiresome...Puzzles are my other hobby, but I never finish one. My favourite hobby is watching films... ♥


- LUNA'S EXPERIENCE -I went to six different schools, it is very interesting because each school has their costums. For exemple, one has uniform, the other has a swimming pool, another has a pet... It's fantastic!

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