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Movie Director

Movie Director

Suggested Extra Curriculars- School Drama Clubs- School Plays-Photography Clubs- Theatrical Societies- Practice with Cameras on Your Own

Post-Secondary Course Suggestions:- Theatre directing / theatrical production- Film Studies- Film and Video Production- Broadcasting; Television and Radio Arts- Theatrical Design- General Theatrical Studies


Are you a creative and hard working individual? Do work well under stress, and like being in charge? Do you enjoy working with cameras, and editing videos? this link for a popplet comparison of Directing and Acting

High School Courses Suggestions:-Dramatic Arts-Visual Arts- Communication and Media Studies- Computer, Electronics and Media Studies

Check out this interesting reality check on on how to become a film director!

Can You Handle the Stress?Directing is not an easy job! Directers have to meet specific deadlines, and do whatever it takes to meet those deadlines!

Sample Career PathTrainee Asistent Film Directer2nd, 3rd Assistent Film Director1st Assistent Film DirectorSmall-Budget Film DirectorBig Budget Film Director

Quick Facts- Director Salaries range from $1300 to $14000 weekly- Directors are often unemployed for up to 6 months at a time- The chances of achieveing a hollywood salary are extremely rare- To achieve deadlines, directors often have to work 10 to 13 hours a day, inside or outside, in any weather- Directors must be willing to travel to scenes and sets Interesting Tips on Directing!



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