[2015] Mina Koo (Z_2015 6th): Movement of Earth, Moon and Sun

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[2015] Mina Koo (Z_2015 6th): Movement of Earth, Moon and Sun

One day (24 hours) is how long it takes for our Earth to rotate once on its axis.However, within those 24 hours, both day and night occur.The reason for this is that during Earth's rotation, one side receives sunlight and the other does not. The side that is receiving sun is experiencing daytime, while the side with no sun experiences nighttime.

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Movement of Earth, Moon, and SunBY: Mina K.

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is overall hot and sunny weather, while the Southern Hemisphere experiences the cold and frigid weather of winter.The reason for this is because during this time of year (during Earth's 365 revolution), the sun shines more directly onto the Northern Hemisphere instead of the Southern Hemisphere. More sunshine means warmer weather, and the lack of solar energy in the Southern Hemisphere, it feels cold.During spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is getting warmer and the chilly winter is coming to an end. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, they're experiencing autumn (or fall) and are enjoying the now cool weather.During this time period, both hemispheres are actually receiving equal amounts of sun, it's just that both hemispheres are either cooling or warming up from their previous season (winter or summer).

The Earth's seasons are not caused by our distance from the sun- but because Earth is tilted on its axis by about 23.5 degrees.There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.




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