Move It or Lose It?

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Social Studies

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Move It or Lose It?

Various perspectives on the moving of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Move it or Lose it?

Want to read the Seawall and Revetment Stability Study, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse? Visit this link:

Listen to interview with Mike Murray who is the Superintendent of Outer Banks Group of National Parks

Pilkey, Bush, and Fischetti, three men who formed the Move the Lightouse Committee said, "Finally, we believe there is an underlying concern among some of the leading politicians and developers of Dare County that if the lighthouse is moved it will bring unwanted attention to the serious erosion problem prevalent on the Outer Banks, and slow down development."

Photo taken by onlooker during the Cape Hatteras move.

Why do you think it is necessary to have various perspectives when learning about an important historical event such as the moving of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse?

After examining the interior of the lighthouse, do you think the moving process was destructive? If so, how do you think locals may have reactied to this?

How did the perspective of President Clinton, Congress, N.C.State University researchers, and Governor James Hunt differ from Walter Jone's and Morton's perspetive of whether the lighthouse should be moved?

How does erosion influence the decision of whether the lighthouse should be moved?

Based on the interview, do you think Mike Murray was in support of the moving of Cape Hatteras?

Do you feel the Engineers’ plans for the design of the seawall-revetment shore protection system in 1985 were effective? How do you think it impacted the later decision of whether the lighthouse should be relocated?

Do you think this Buxton local wanted the lighthouse moved? Why or why not?


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