Mountains and Basins

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Mountains and Basins

Mountains and Basins

The Mountains and Basins region of Texas is the smallest region, but it still has some interesting places. Two major cities are El Paso and Presidio. The Guadalupe Mountains is a point of interest there too, having it be the largest mountain range in Texas. The Big Bend National Park is also a point of interest there, having it have marvelous views and sites. Pop. 1,820

FestivalsSeptember festThe NutcrackerBalletThe SunBowl(Football)The SunBowl(Baseball)

SportsEl paso Patriots, Rhinos, Chihuahua, Suns and Generals.

The landforms in the Mountains and Basins Region of Texas are the Guadalupe Mountains (picture to the right). The Guadalupe Mountains are the largest mountain range in Texas with it being over 8,000 feet high. There is also the Rio Grande River, which makes up part of the Western border of Texas. There are also the Chisos Mountains and the Davis Mountains which are two smaller mountain ranges in this region of Texas.

FoodsWe prevent foodborne illness in El Paso County's retail food establishments through regulatory and educational efforts. El Paso County has more than 2,400 licensed establishments or vendors that provide food to the public — including restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, convenience stores, school kitchens, and mobile vehicle vendorsSuch as tacos,beans, chips and salas..

IndusturayMajor industries include livestock, petroleum and natural gas production, textiles such as cotton, grain and because of very large military installations like Fort Bliss, the defense industry. West Texas has become notable for its numerous wind turbines producing clean, alternative electricity

Climate The Mountains and Basins region of Texas is the farthest region to the West which makes it much hotter and dryer than the others. Its summers are very hot and dry and the winters are very mild. Having it be so dry, it receives little rainfall with as little eight inches per year.Average Temp. 97.12


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