Mountain Men

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Mountain Men

Mountain Men My source: Studies Weekly 22

Jim BridgerJim joined a beaver trapping expedition when he was only 18 years old. They went up the Upper Missouri River. Jim Bridger was the first to explore what we now call the area of Yellowstone national park. Some believe he was also the first white man to ever see the Great Lakes. This is undecided to be true or false.Jim discovered a shortut through the Rocky Mountains that is today called Bridger's Pass. Interstate 80 runs throug Bridger's pass currently. Jim Bridger also built Fort bridger in Wyoming. Then he went on to work as a government scout. He learned to speak Spanish, French and six other American languages. This talent help him communicate with others during his travels! One other fact about him is that he loved to tell his outrageous stories at campfires with his friends.

Jedidiah SmithOther than being a mountain man Jedidiah was part of the Ashley's Hundred expedition.He was very skilled, one of the most skilled mountain men of his time. He was also one of the best scouts of the time. In 1824 Smith went through South Pass and declared that the gap was wide enough for a wagon to fit easily through. With this information the pass soon became part of the Oregon Trail. This became a very important route later in history. In 1826 he lead a group of fur trappers across the Great basin. They went from Great Salt Lake to the Colorado River and to California. He became the first American to enter California by land from the east. During his expedition he faced hardships as well, one of them was a grizzly bear attack. The bear broke many of Smith's ribs, ripped off one eyebrow, mangled one ear and shredded his scalp. After that he wore his hair long over his ears to hide his scars. Jedidiah Smith was very religious, he always carried a Bible around withe him and he never drunk alcohol or used tobacco.

Packing list for Mountain men

beaver trapsextra blanketsextra moccasins (shoes)canned foodguitarhatchet gunpowder horn(gunpowder container)bowie knifebullet pouchcanteencooking utensilscoffeecandlesdried meattobaccoflint and steel (for starting fires)bedroll (sleeping bag)lanterntentfishing tacklechange of clothesBiblemapextra horseshoesbait for beaver trapssaltjournal and pencilheavy boots

Bowie KnifeThis was one of the most important tools of a mountain man was his good bowie knife. it had a long tapered blade that was sharp on both edges. Many people think that an Arkansas blacksmith originally made this knife. Jim Bowie who was a pioneer and soldier asked James Black to make him a knife that was very special. This is how the name Bowie knife came about.

Bowie Knife



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