Mountain Men

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by NathanAshlock
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Mountain Men

Mountain Men

What is a typical day like?


Every day, Mountain men move further and further. They go through mountains, freezing and burning terrains, and other terrains as they journey through the wild.Many mountain men rely on hunting for food. Since they are constantly on the move, hunting animals and cooking them at night was the best way to stay mobile, get sleep, and stay healthy.

The Mountain Men were the first to discover the Wild West!

Mental Toughness- Mountain men often experience bad conditions where they freeze, burn, starve, dehydrate, or encounter wild animals.If this sounds like you, we have a job for you.

Bargain Skills- Mountain men bought and sold fur hats in the 19th Century. Bargaining skills come in handy when you need something for a cheap price. If you bargain well, contact us!

Bravery- Mountain Men traveled into uncharted areas where they could encounter anything from a desert to a frozen wasteland. Some even were paid to guide people through mountain passes.

What Qualities do You Need?

Fun Fact

We Need You

We are hiring for mountain men. We want you to become one of us. We offer protection and trust as we travel through the unknown. Who knows? You might become famous for discovering something?


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