Mountain lions

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Mountain lions

Mountain Lion

Mountain lions hate to share their territory. They are always watching for others to make sure that no one else trys to claim their territory.

Their home is usually in mountains and rocky terrain. The reason they live in this kind of terrain is because it helps them stalk and trap their prey.

A mountain lion's diet consists of both big and small animals:Deer, mice, rabbits, raccoons, porcupines, etc.

Mountain Lion Adaptations:

They have short yet vigorous claws to help them catch and crush the animal's neck.

Their hind legs are longer then their front legs to help them jump more then 18 feet from cliff to cliff. The only issue is that they can only sprint short distances to catch prey, not long ones.

In America they are the second heaviest cat. However, it is the fourth heaviest cat worldwide with only the lion, jaguar, and tiger ahead of it.

From far away, their color looks orangish, helping them blend into the trees and shrub around them when hunting for prey.

Mountain Lion Facts:

Mountain Lions are able to adapt to so much land that they are the most widely spred land animal across the northern hemisphere.

When females are ready to mate they let it be known by either scraping their back paws ,which are usually covered in urine or poop, up against the bark of a tree or in the dirt. They also use their voices to vocalize that they are ready.


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