Mountain gorilla

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Mountain gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

-Mountain Gorillas grow up to 6 ft. in height. -They weigh 300-425 pounds-Broad Chest and Shoulders

G. beringei

Mountain Gorillas live in Africa, specifically in Uganda and Rwanda.They generally live in dense areas, such as rain forests.

Current Population:

880 Mountain Gorillas

Reasons for the Mountain Gorilla being endangered:-Poaching-Habitat Loss-Disease-Humans hunting them


How we can help bring the population of Mt. Gorillas back up:-Expanding the area around them to protect habitat-Have serious patrol to contain them from being huntedRun conservation programs for how to keep the areas safe

Interesting Facts:-Mountain Gorillas can live for 53 years. -The population is being brought up by about 3.7% -Adult males can eat up to 75 pounds of vegetation every day


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