mountain climbing

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mountain climbing

Mountain Climbing

is when you climb a mountain =)A mountain is a 'hill' which is at least 300 metres above the land.Mountain climbing is closer to trecking and hiking than rock climbing. It is less grand, and simpler than dipicted in movies. Lower mountains are usually covered in trees and foliage, rather than rocks and snow. Gunung Lambak and Gunung Belumut are two mountains in Malaysia which are suitable for beginners to scale.

Nearby Mountains

Gunung Lambak & Gunung Belumut

Mountain climbing is for everyone, even children as young as 8 years old and adults as old as 60 can climb beginner mountains without much difficulty. Mountain climbing has many benefits due to the physical exercise as well as the fresh mountain air. Climbers often build strong friendships as well, as they have to rely on each other when scaling the mountains.