Mount Unzen

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Mount Unzen

After an eruption in 1792, another eruption began in November 1990, and after an inflation of the summit area, fresh lava emerged on May 20th 1991.

Mount Unzen

Major Volcanic Eruption

Hydrosphere-After the eruption, much rain had fallen in the past week which mixed together the rock and the ashes from the volcano. 62 barriers were made in the rivers to prevent landslides, 33 slit dams, 359 erosion control dams and they widened the Mizunashi River. Biosphere,Geosphere, & Atmosphere-When the erruption happened, it started flowing down the mountain and burning down trees and grass which was caused to smoke and pollute the air. Biosphere-The volcano effected many peoples lives who lived at the bottom of the mountain.Atmosphere- The fumes from the volcano pollutes the air and damages the peoples breathing air.Geosphere- When the volcano's lava runs down the mountain, it seeps into the soil and damages the fertile soil and damages earths layer.

Commeration of the Victims of Mt. Unzen

Joe BuschOctober 4, 20126th Period

This harsh volcano is located in the Shiamabara Penninsula, Western Kyushu, Japan. This mountains elevation stands at 4,921 feet and is a very active volcano. When the volcano had erupted, it killed 44 people and destroyed 2593 buildings, also including homes. The way of transportation was damaged by many mudslides and pyroclastic flows. 170 million cubic meters of waste from the eruption is sitting on the side of the volcano. To stop damages for a long period of time, preventive buildings were built in three different rivers, Mizunashi, Nakao and Yue.


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