Mount Tambora

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Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora

Northern Sumbawa

VOLCANO BASICSLocation: Northern SumbawaType of Cone: CompositeElevation: 4,000 mNearest City: SurabayaCurrent Life Stage: dormantHow Formed:

ERUPTIONSMost Recent: 1967Type of Eruption: explosive erruption

HISTORYeruppted in 1815 reffered to as the year without a summer.qickest large erruption in history which is why so many got killed because there was no time to flee.

3 INTERESTING FACTS~In 1812 it had the largest known erruption in historic times.~ The erruption killed more than 100,000 people.~ often called the Pompeii of the east because of preserved artifacts.


Composite Volcano

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