Mount St. Helens

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Mount St. Helens

Mount St.Helens

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Mt. Saint Helens continues to be one of the most famous volcanoes on the planet but the devestation it caused on May,18, 1980 was beyond belief! At 8:32am a 5.1 magnitude eartquake hit causing the volcano to create the biggest landslide in the worlds history. This landslide what you would call depressurized the magma inside of the volcano causing it to spew rocks, ash, deadly volcanic gases, and steam up north. The cloud it created moved an impressive 65-100 miles per hour, as well as traveling 15 miles into the atmosphere in 15 minutes. Also the pyroclastic flow was moving 50-80 miles per hour killing millions of insects, thousands of birds, hundreds and hundreds of deer and other mammals, and causing devastation to homes and many people.

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FormationThe formation of this volcano all starts with the subduction of the oceanic plate Juan de Fuca. It then has enough weight to sink beneath the contiental crust. This rock then melts into magma the magma then approaches the surface as it breaks through the lithosphere. Then to the surface creating a crack that is filled with magma. A volcano the starts to form. The process takes hundreds of years!

The eruption

Devastation This eruption was not only bad but it created a lot of damage to its surronding areas. This eruption killed 57 people. Also it had killed,11 million fish,1 million birds, 11 thousand hares, 5,000 deer, 1,500 elk, 1,400 coyotes, 300 bobcats, 200 black bears, 15 cougars, and 15 mountain goats. It had also killed many roots, plants and trees, the eruption killed so many trees that it was enough timber to build 30,000 two- bedroom homes! The eruption also killed the bueatiful scenery the volcano created.

Succesion After the eruption things weren't all bad. Wildlife was starting to pop up all over the place and many people were re building their home but, many people were afraid they weren't going to have a place to call their home. Everyone else loved the new scenery the volcano later created. Now Mount St. Helens creates a bueatiful sight for tourists to see!


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