Mount St Helens Eruption in 1980

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Mount St Helens Eruption in 1980

Mt St Helen's is located in southern Washington state. It is on a convergent boundary. It is also in a subduction zone. The mountain was awaken by a 5.1 earthquake. Mount St. Helen's erupted May 8, 1980, at 8:32a.m. When it erupted, it erupted rock, gas, and ash. In 1980, the mountain erupted six more times. Between June and August the eruptions oozed out thick pasty lava out of the vent and built a dome. Know there is a smaller dome inside of the mountain. Mount St. Helen's has a crater in the middle of it, but when it erupted the ash and crater made it look like the moon. The northern side of the mountain was bigger and taller than the southern side, so when the earthquake hit the south side slid down causing the biggest landslide in recorded history in America! The land slide flatted forest and extinguished any and all wild life. It wiped out deer and elk. Fish and amphibians extinguished in a lake.1,000 of birds from more than 100 different species disappeared. Billions of insects gone. 57 people died including loggers, campers, scientist,and 1 reporter. 3 miles away from the mountain was once considered safe, but now you might want to think again.

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3 Fast Facts:-The eruption was so powerful it changed the shape of the mountain.-Juan Da Fuca-A lake was so overpowered by debris you couldn't even see your own hand in it.

Mount St. Helens By: Amara Reddick



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