Mount Dinah

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Mount Dinah

Mount Dinali

The "what" would be Mount Denali. Mount Denali is North America's tallest peak. Mount Denali is or used to be 20,320 feet but now is 20,310 feet, our scientists are teaming up with mountain climbers to find out if this was a miscalculation or if somehow Mount Denali actually shrunk.

Jenna Bryner wrote the article: Denali's Digits: North America's Tallest Peak 'Shrinks' by 10 Feet. Jenna is a writer for the livescience website. In this article Jenna writes about how the scientists are confused and are trying to remeasure Mount Denali. As it apears that america's talest peak has "shrunk" 10 feet from 20,320 feet to 20,310. This concludes that Jenna Byner is a great writer and did write the article:Denali's Digits: North America's Tallest Peak 'Shrinks' by 10 Feet.



Mount Denali is in Alaska, North America. the whereabouts of livescience is unknown.the mountenears must climb from/to the summit.


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The article was published on September 3,2015 The amount of time it may take the scientists to figure out what has happened is unknown.



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