Mount Ararat with Nanako

by LunaJim
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Mount Ararat with Nanako

Height: 5,137m - the highest in TurkeyLocation: Eastern AnatoliaMountain Range: part of Ararat MassifNearest city: between Dogubeyazit ' Igdir, near the border with Iran, Armenia and AzerbaijanNames: Ararat, Agri Dagi, Masis, Ciyaye Agiri, Gridax, Kuh-e-NuhNo. climbers: First climbed in 1829Routes up mountain: one permitted route and need a climbing permit and a certified Turkish guideRoute: long climb but fairly easy in summer with axe + crampons, snow covers the last 400mTime: maybe the mountain where Noah's Ark came to rest after the Great Flood


Writing about a big mountain!!!

This is Mt. Ararat


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