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NASA Contest
NASA Contest

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During the pathfinder mission to Mars, NASA experts had to create an airbag that would keep all the technology inside the airbag safe against rough Mars terrains, yet still be lightweight. With the help of Warwick’s Technology, ILC, and Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) they managed to come up with what is called the multilayer soft goods approach. The fabric of the airbags is made of a tough fabric that was puncture proof saving the softer inner layer that held the gas. This design ended in a tough fabric that was lighter than a pair of dress pants yet still bulletproof. This allowed the rover to enter the cold vacuum of space, followed by the melting heat of mars, then lastly, the rocky terrain on the surface-- keeping it safe all the way to the end of the journey. This specially engineered technology is now a material called Vectran© which is used to make stab and bullet proof material protecting officers and soldiers every day.

Design Review

Spinoff Research

Step 1- Identify the ProblemHow can we use the Vectran product line to better protect a motorcyclist in the event of an accident?Step 2- Identify the Criteria and ConstraintsWe need to make sure the vest has enough airbags at the right pressure to be able to absorb most of the impact of any crash on all terrain without making it unsafe for the motorcyclist.One thing that might limit this solution is how expensive the material is. A pair of gloves made with this material costs around 100 dollars. They are so costly because of how new the product is in this growing world.Step 3- Brainstorm Possible SolutionsOthers have made better protective helmets to prevent harm in frequently occurring accidents. Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear long pants and shirts to prevent road rash as much as possible. New ideas for this problem?Airbag vest/jacketImprovised HelmetsStep 4- Select a DesignA protective airbag vest that is made with the Vectran material. It’s purpose is to protect and prevent a motorcyclist from being harmed....


RESEARCH NOTESClick HERE for more of our exciting research notes

Check out how we chose our final design and watch our MotoVest model in this video!

Mars Pathfinder Mission airbags made using Vectran technology.

Spool of Vectran fibers donated for educational research purposes.

Brainstorming Sketches


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