Motivating Students to Read

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Motivating Students to Read

Choices are a big part of a student's motivation to read. By allowing your students to read something they are interested in, they will comprehend the text better. A fun way to find out the interests of your students for choosing books for guided reading or restocking your classroom library, are interest surveys.

Honoring Books

A great way to get students interested in books is to make them special. It can be something as simple as standing books up on your bookshelves or putting them in a special book basket. Another way to horor a book is to preview a few pages of a book and ask questions to pique students interest.

One of the most powerful ways to motivate students to read is to let them see you reading both for pleasure and to learn. Share your passion for reading with your students by taking the time to discuss what you are reading with your students.


Collaboration during reading makes reading more enjoyable and interesting for students. This can be accomplished through partner reading, small group reading and book clubs. Giving students the opportunity to share their thoughts during reading motivates them to keep reading.

A balanced book collection also helps encourage children to read. Just as your students are not all the same, your books shouldn't be either. A few ways to balance your book collection are having a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and newspapers, honoring student authors by having a selection of published book in your library, and allowing students to aid in the selection of new books for your classroom library.

Read Alouds

Book Collection

Motivating Students to Read


There are several different ways to use read alouds to movtivate children to read.~ Encourage student interaction during read alouds.~ Read a variety of text during read alouds.~ Occasionally allow students to choose the read aloud.~ Allow students to read aloud a self selected text or portion of a text from time to time.



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