Moths & Butterflies

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Moths & Butterflies

Moths vs. Butterflies

We are different!

Some of the Differences1. Mating selection2. Feeding behavior3. Sound detection4. Antennae5. Resting Posture6. Body Temperature Regulation7. Pupa8. Color9. Activity Period

How they are the Same1. Both are lepidoptera - Meaning they both have 3 sections (head, thorax, abdoman), 6 legs joined at the thorax (3 on each side), and two wings on each side of the body.2. Both have wings made of sccales - some are colorful, some have marks to scare away animals that might eat them, and some patterns are meant to provide camoflage.3. Both go through a metamorphosis: egg -> larva -> paupa -> adult

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Moths1. Use scent to select mates2. Survive off fat stored dujring larval stage3. Have ears4. Short and feathery antennae5. Wings are usually open during rest6. Wings move to warm up7. Makes a cacoon undergrouond or on ground8. Usually less bright9. Active mostly at night

Butterflies1. Use sight to select mates2. Have a long tonngue (proboscis) which uncurls to suck liquid3. Cannot detect sound4. Antennae are long, thin, and swell at the end5. Wings are usually closed during rest6. Uses the sun to warm up7. Makes a chrysalis hanging from a branch or other support 8. Usually bright9. Active mostly during the day

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