Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa was caring, gentil, loving and passionate. The reason she had these qualities were because she was very spiritual and had a calling from God that she had to care for the poor. Practicing her catholic religion also made her patient and gentil. She was very strict with herself and had strong morals. A quote from her is, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."


1910-born in Skopje1928-joined nuns in ireland 1931-took religious vows1943-Bengal famine 1946-Hindu/Muslim violence 1948-left convent to live with the poorest in Kolkata1952-opened home for the dying1960-public start to recognize her1979-awarded nobel peace prize1997-died in Kolkata

Mother Teresa started the Missionaries of Charity organization. Its main goal was to look after people nobody else was prepared to. In 1952 she opened her first home for the dying. This allowed people to die with dignity. Mother Teresa cared for people who were ill, like no one else would. In 1979 she was awarded the nobel peace prize for the struggle to overcome poverty. She asked that $192,000 be donated to the poor.

About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a nun who devoted her life to help people in need. She spent most of her life caring for the poor and dying. She mainly helped people in Kolkata, India.

Why I Chose Mother Teresa

I chose Mother Teresa because she is a leader that had a huge impact on people. The reason she has an impact on me, is because she was kind hearted, patient and compassionate. She was also so empathetic and sympathetic toward the poor and dying. It amazes me how she spend her whole life helping people because she thought it was what she needed to do in life. Also that she kept her faith in God even though she said she couldn't feel His presence with her.

Mother Teresa



Mother Teresa was able to make people feel truly loved even when all was hopless for them. She was very patient and had faith even when she said she couldn't feel the presence of God with her. She had many skills when working with people and is a great leader to look up to.


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