Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was orn on Agust 8, 1910. HerChristined name was Agnes Gonxha Bujaxhiu. She was born in what is now Southern Yugoslavia and raised as a Roman Catholic. She lived with her mom, dad, and 3 siblings. They lived a comfortablelife until her dad died. Soon their family had litlle money but Mother Teresa's mother still took in poor strangers and fed them dinner. As a teenager, Mother Teresa liked to spend time atthe church. She joined a youth group which helped priests, nuns, and other members of the parish. At a young age, she got "a calling from god" which directed her to what she should do in life. This "calling", her mother and her time at the church inspired her to travel and help the needy later in life.

Lasting Impact


Mother Teresa went to Ireland and became part of the Sisters of Loretto convent in 1928 where she learned English and became a nun. After training at the Convent, she went to India and on January 6, 1929. She first taught religion and geography at St. Mary's High School. During her time with the poor, Mother Teresa gave shelter to many poor people, took care of children, learned to deliver babies, visted the sick and elderly in the hospital, and gave the needy love. Mother Teresa's body became very week but she continued to help the poor until she died on July 5, 1997. She won many awards in her life including the Nobel Peace Prize and the U.S gave her the Congressional Gold Medal before she died.

Today, many people are inspired to do charity work because of Mother Teresa. She really opened people minds and hearts.

Mother Teresa



Interesting Fact

In one convent that mother Teresa was part of, students were starving so she went outside to look for food. It was very dangerous due to World War 2. Soldiers told her to return home but she refused to go back to the Convent without food. The soldiers then gave her a ride back the Convent and rice to feed her students.


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