Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa's Awards

Mother Teresa was born with the name Gonxha Agnes. She received her First Communion at the age of five and was confirmed at 6. Her mom was a devout Catholic and raised Gonxha with Catholic values. At 18 she felt she should leave home and follow her calling and become a missionary. She went to Ireland and attended the Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary. Here she was given the name Sister Mary Teresa.

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910. So, why did she say her birthday was on August 27, 1910?

Once Mother Theresa moved to Calcutta she stayed with the Little Sisters of the Poor. Right before Christmas she made her first visit to the slums and helped a sick man and children. From then she continued to help, always with a rosary in hand. Throughout the years she helped the local charities and started her own. She had help from local people and former students back in Ireland. She started to receive worldwide attention for the work she was doing.


How did she know she should help the poor?

I am nothing. He is all. I do nothing of my own. He does it. I am God's pencil. A tiny bit of pencil with which He writes what He likes. God writes through us, and however imperfect instruments we may be, He writes beautifully.

Nuns must take vows in order to serve the Lord; vows of poverty, purity, and obedience. But, she wanted to add a fourth vow. "To devote oneself out of abnegation to the care of the poor and needy who, crushed by want and destitution, live in conditions unworthy of human dignity." With this vow, the Missionaries of Charity were born and its members were commanded to seek out the poor, abandoned, sick, infirm and dying and Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa.

In 1990 Mother Teresa had to slow down her charity work and travel due to illnesses But, in 1997 she went to Rome to have one last visit with Pope John Paul II. When she returned to Calcutta she continued to teach. In 1997 her body gave in to the diseases she had been fighting, malaria and heart disease, so her soul could unite in heaven with the Lord.In 2002 Pope John Paul II opened the process for Canonization. In 2003 she was beautified. She is now one step closer to becoming a saint for her charity work.


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