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Mother Teresa-Sinthiya

Mother Teresa

Early LifeBorn on August 26,1910 in the city of Skopje, Mother Teresa was an affectionate and a delicate adolescent that had inherited the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Her family, a deeply religious Catholic family, consists of three children (including herself). Aga, her older sister, and her older brother, Lazar, looked after her. Her parents were both Albanic, but they had then transferred to Catholic since their first child was born. Nikola and Drana, both her parents were content with what they have achieved. Nikola was a successful merchant and building contractor. Being a housewife, Drana cooked, tidied up the house, mended, and looked after the children. As a young girl, Agnes attended the Sacred Heart Church nearly every morning for Mass. Unfortunately, a tragedy happened. When Agnes was 8, her father died. Together, Agnes and her mother struggled to raise money for the family. While working hard, her mother supported others in need which has inspired Agnes. Her mother showed strong impressions of acts of kindness, which has inspired Agnes to follow the path of assisting the poor and the sick. She soon had the desire to become a missionary nun and to achieve more in her life. At the age of 12, Agnes felt the call from God to lead a religious life. She wasn’t quite sure if she should devote and dedicate her life to God, but soon was sure of becoming a nun at the age of 18. She then joined the Sister of Loreto association (a religious community in Ireland), which is now known as Blessed Virgin Mary, and she trained for at least 6 weeks. She earned the name of Sister Teresa, but after the final vows she was known as Mother Teresa. From there on, she wore her first blue and white sari and stepped through the gates of Loreto to convent to enter the world of the poor and to begin her journey.

Missionaries of CharitiesMother Teresa was hit by the scents of Jasmine blossoms, spicy food fried,and sounds of unfamiliar languages and musical chanting when she entered India, Calcutta in 1841 for a mission. However, something was wrong. In the perspective of your smell and hearing of the country, it sounded good, but when you opened your eyes it was a horrible sight. She has witnessed indescribable poverty. The population of the poor was unimaginable. There were ragged children on streets and beggars on the road begging for money or even loose change. She was assigned to teach at St. Mary’s school, that was run by the Sisters of Loreto. Mother Teresa and the Sisters then traveled back to Darjeeling for retreat. She thought on the train about what she had witness, and from then she developed a strong desire to create her own hospice and help the sick and poor. She returned to India and started an open-air school for the homeless. She was then joined by voluntary helpers and received support from church organizations and the municipal authorities. On October 7,1950, she received permission from the Vatican to start her own order, and it was originally labelled as ‘Diocesan Congregation of the Calcutta Diocese’ by the Vatican. Later it was known as the ‘Missionaries of Charity’. It started off with a few members (no more than 12 members) and now it consists with more than four thousand people running it. Mother Teresa demonstrated the fact that she was trying to protect and do as much service to the sick and poor.

Taking RisksWould you risk your life in danger for others in need? Well if you would not or would, Mother Teresa a gallant woman, risked her life for the sick and poor people of India. She suffered from many cardiac problems. She experienced a heart attack in Rome while visiting Pope John Paul II in 1983. Sadly, it continued and she went through her 2nd heart attack in 1983. The results of the attack was that she received an artificial pacemaker (it is a medical device that uses electrical impulses). After fighting a battle with pneumonia, she endured with further cardiac problems in Mexico of 1991. Wistfully, Mother Teresa offered to resign her position as head of Missionaries of Charity, though the sisters of the mission secretly voted her to stay. So she stayed which caused even more trouble for her. On April 1996, she fell and broke a collarbone. As she suffered malaria and the failure of the left heart ventricle in August, she had to do a surgery for her heart. Unfortunately, they noticed that her heart was declining and how she had to deal with cardiac problems. Stepping down from the head of missionaries of charity on March 13, 1997, the head position of the missionaries of charity were given to another person. We were all genuinely sorry when Mother Teresa breathed her last breath on September 5 1997. I realized that she didn’t care about her health at all! She sacrificed her life for others and she didn’t do it for fame, publicity, money, or more.

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Padma Shri-1962Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding-1969Pope John XXII Peace Prize-1971Templeton Prize-1973Albert Schweitzer International Prize-1975Pacem in Terris Award-1976Ramon Magsaysay Award for Peace and International Understanding Balzan Prize for Humanity, Peace, and Fraternity Among Peoples-1978Nobel Peace Prize-1979Patronal Medal-1979Bharat Ratna-1980Order of Australia-1982Order of Merit-1983Presidential Medal of Freedom-1985Golden Honour of the Nation-1994Grand Order of Queen Jelena-1995Congressional Gold Medal-1997Order of the Smile-year unknown

Awards Recieved:

A HeroBy Sinthiya Krishnakumar

There are many people who are considered great humanitarians with benevolence personalities, but one stood out from the others individually.

Her soothing hands that carried magic within them, her beautiful eyes that will melt away all your worries, and her brimming heart that is filled with never-ending love. Here, stood in front of me was my hero, Mother Teresa. Her involvement and dedication in the help of the sick and homeless, has not only touched my heart, but has inspired some others too.

Mother Teresa recieving the Nobel Peace Prize with Queen Diana.

Mother Teresa helping the kids of India.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

A trailer from a movie labelled Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


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