Mother Jones

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Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Mother Jones became convinced while working as a dressmaker, that Americaś labor conditions and the gap between the rich and the poor- were intolrable. To continue, she also became motivated when the Great Chicago fire hit. She wanted to help those who had horrible working conditions.

Mother Jones wasnt looked at as a figure to most, but to the ones that she helped, she was a hero. From helping all of the childern she was arrested many times, and was severed with several jail sentences. To continue, in the 1800s she pushed for an eight-hour work day. Also, an autobiography was amde about her right before she passed away. Mother Jones passed away on November 30, 1930. When it was her funeral on December 8, 1930 10,00 to 15,00people surronded Mont Olive.


Personal Motivation


Mother Jones did whatever she could to make a change. She organized local women to supply food for the strikers and their families. To continue, she held organizations for striking children. In 1903, she led the March of the Mill Children drawing the nations attention to the issue of child labor by organizing a cross country march from Pennsylvania to Long Island.

Mother Jones was born on May first, 1830 near Cork, Ireland. Her mother was a dressmaker and her father was a farmer. She attended private schools, and then she went to go teach in Memphis, Tennessee, while earning a third of the salary that male teachers were paid. That year in Memphis she met George Jones, and iron molder. They married and had four childern. Mother jones became a widow at the age 37 losing her husband and her four childern to the yellow fever. Mother jones died at age 100 on November 30,1930.

Effort To Make A Change

" And who is responsible for this appalling child slavery? Everyone."

By Ana Nogueira


" Not all the coal that is dug warms the world."

" I was born in a revolution."

" Reformation, like education, is a journey, not a destination."

March of the Mill Children

"You must stand for free speech in the streets¨

Mother Jones marching with striking children


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