[2015] Christian Wence: Mother and Daughter

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[2015] Christian Wence: Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter: The theme is to not ask for too much and be thankful for what you have, “I’ve been saving a little every month,” said Mrs. Moreno. “For you, m’ija.” Her mother held up five twenties, a blossom of green that smelled sweeter than flowers on thatSaturday. They drove to Macy’s and bought a blouse, shoes, and a skirt that would notbleed in rain or any other kind of weather.Icarus and DaedalusThe theme is to always do things the safe way even if its the way you dont want to and to always listen to your parents. "He was falling,--and in that terror he remembered. The heat of the sun had melted the wax from his wings; the feathers were falling, one by one, like snowflakes; and there was none to help." By not listening to his dad, Icarus fell.


Mother and Daughter: Yollie and her mother are the main characters in this story. Yolle is an 8th grader who tries to fit in with everyone else because she cares a lot about what people think about her. She also works hard at school and out of school so she could help support her mom at home. Yollies mom also works hard to provide money for her and her daughter. She cares a lot about her daughter and doesnt like it when she is upset.Icarus and DaedalusDaedalus and his son are the main characters. Daedalus is a good caring father and who also knows the secrets of the gods. He cared for his son by making him a pair of wings so they could escape together. Icarus is Daedalus's son who didnt listen to him and fell caused ny thw wings that melted.

Main Characters

Mother and Daughter:The mood of this story is a sad mood because Yollie needs a new dress for her school dance but she is sad because her mom does not have the money to afford it, "The best Mrs. Moreno could do was buy Yollie a pair of black shoes with velvet bows and fabric dye to color her white summer dress black."Icarus and DaedalusThe theme of the story is sad because Icarus dies and his father loses him knowing it was a mistake to try to fly. Daedalus also promises to never fky again. He also lives alone and sad knowing he lost his son trying to help him.


Mother and Daughter:I think the point of view in this story would be in third-person. I think they did in third-person so he could briefly explain both of the charcters and their lives."Yollie’s mother, Mrs. Moreno, was a large woman who wore a muumuu and butterfly-shaped glasses." Icarus and DaedalusI also think the point of view in this story is also third person, "Without delay, he fell to work on a pair of wings for the boy Icarus, and taught him carefully how to use them, bidding him beware of rash adventures among the stars."I think they did it in third person because it would be a little difficult to do it in first-person.

The two stories are similar and different in some ways. They are similar because they involve one parent and one son/daughter. Another way that they are similar is that they involve the parent caring for their child. They are different in the way that one story involves two male characters, and the other involves two female characters. They are also different because they both have different plots. One involves money, and the ohter involves freedom.

Point of View

Mother and Daughter:The main conflict is that Yollie wants a new dress for her school dance but her mom cant afford it , so instead her mom buys her fabric to color her white dress. It works but then while she was wearing it , it started raining and all the dye started dripping off the dress. Yollie starts crying and runs home. Her mom tries to make her feel better by buying her new shoes but it did not work.Icarus and DaedalusIn this story Daudalus and his son, Icarus, are locked up in a tower. Daudalus, being an architect, came up with the idea of making wings and learning how to fly so that he could escape. He made the wings, he also made wings for his son. The day they were going to escape came, and Icarus was about to escape. Daudalus warned Icarus to not fly too close to the sun or else the wings were going to melt. Icarus did not listen to his father, which caused his wings to melt and eventually, Icarus fell.

Plot and Main Conflict



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