[2015] Avery Teele: Mother and Daughter

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[2015] Avery Teele: Mother and Daughter

Yollie - Yollie is slender, pretty, and one of the smartest girls at Saint Theresa’s. She is also the captain of the crossing guards, an alter girl, and a ‘whiz’ in the school’s spelling bee. Yollie likes a boy named Ernie Castillo, the third best speller in the class.Mrs. Moreno - Mrs. Moreno is a large woman that wears a muumuu and a pair of butterfly shaped glasses. She likes to water her lawn in the evening and has a very strange sense of humor. Mrs. Moreno is also Yollie’s mother.

Main Characters


By: Gary SotoAvery Teele, Unit 1

Mood - The mood of this story is joking, sorrow, and happiness because in the beginning it tells of how the mother and daughter play jokes on each other and never get mad with one another. Sorrow comes into play when the dye on the dyed dress begins to come off from the rain and Yollie runs home upset and takes it out on her mother. Happiness comes in the end because Yollie and her mother made up, Ernie asked her to the movies, and Yollie got a new outfit using the money her mother had saved up.Theme - The theme of Mother and Daughter is love and forgiveness because both mother and daughter always forgave each other due to the love they had for one another. Love is also implied as to why Yollie made sure she looked good for Ernie.

The point of view in this story is third person omniscient because the story is about both Yollie and Mrs. Moreno, hence why you are able to read about both of their thoughts and the thoughts of all the other characters in the story. It is also this point of view because multiple times you are told what each character is thinking.

Plot - The plot is based on the relationship between mother and daughter. No matter what they could always get along, even if they had a fight they would make up the next day.Main Conflict - The main conflict is about how they couldn’t afford a new dress for Yollie’s eighth grade fall dance and that she is in love with Ernie Castillo so she must look her best.

Plot and Main Conflict

Point of View

Mood and Theme


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