Mostly True, with some Stretchers - Episode 1

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Mostly True, with some Stretchers - Episode 1

Huck clearly still doesn't always make the best decisions. For example, giving all his money to Judge Thacher just because his dad was back was very irrational. Overall, Huck changes from believing everything Tom said to doubting some things and becoming a little more mature and logistical.

This quote signifies how Huck and Tom are still kids, no matter how grown-up they pretend to be. They are still very naive to the world around them and by the end of the book, Huck will probably have gained more insight about the world and he will be more mature.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn takes place in Hannibal,Missouri, a slave state that is very racist, also hometown to the author of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain.

Huck goes from living mostly in the woods hiding from his father to living with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson and being schooled. Huck also progresses in his maturity. At the beginning, Huck looks up to his best friend and role model, Tom Sawyer, and will believe anything he tells him and do anything for him. For example, when Miss Watson said Tom probably wasn't going to heaven, Huck didn't want to go to heaven because he wanted to be with Tom. By the end of the episode, Huck starts to question Tom and his imagination.

Episode 1 (Ch. 1-4)"Mostly True, with Some Stretchers"

Characters:Huckleberry Finn- A 12 year old boy growing up in Hannibal, Missouri. His father is an abusive drunk and he used to live in the woods by himself most of the time. He is used to freedom and feels uncomfortable in his new home living with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. He is also very superstitious.Tom Sawyer- A 14 year old boy livin in Hannibal and Huck's role model. He believes everything "the books" say about pirates and robbers and adventures and loves to joke and play around. He is the leader of the band of robbers they made up.Widow Douglas- Takes Huck in as if he were her own son and tries to civilize him. She makes him wear nice clothes and sleep in a bed and does not like him smoking.Miss Watson- Widow Douglas' sister, she lives with Widow Douglas and Huck and teaches Huck spelling, the Bible, and other subjects.Jim- Miss Watson's slave, speaks very improper English and is uneducated. He is very widely known in the black community for his storytelling, especially when he thinks witches stole his hat and brought him all around the world when really Tom and Huck put his hat on a branch while he was asleep.Pap- Huckleberry Finn's father, he is drunk most of the time and has hit Huck before. He is Huck's only known family member but Huck does not look up to him at all.Judge Thatcher- In charge of Hucks' money. Huck gives all his money to Judge Thatcher when he realizes his Pap is back in town.

1) How does how you grew up affect how you think and act?2) Should you believe everything you read?

Essential Questions:

Huck's Evolution:

He said it was all done by enchantment. He said there was hundreds of soldiers there, and elephants and treasure, and so on, but we had enemiees which he called magicians, and they had turned the whole thing into an infant sunday school, just out of spite" (21).


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