Most Dangerous Insects

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Most Dangerous Insects

most dangerous insects in the worlddanger of traveling

Driver ant has the largest colony than any other insects in the world. Each colony of driver ants have members up to 22 million. Even elephants run away from the group attack of driver ants. They try to finish off any animal that comes across their path. Driver ants normally kill thousands of different animals within a single raid. They make repetitive wounds on animals and humans using their strong mandibles. Driver ants also raid nests of other insects for food and kill them

Giant Japanese hornet is the largest species of hornet in the world. They grow up to a size of 2 inches. Every year up to 40 deaths is recorded by the sting of Japanese hornet. The venom of Japanese hornet makes an allergic reaction and dissolve tissues within the short time. The repeated stinging from the group of hornets also results in death. Japanese hornets are very aggressive and fearless in nature. Each colony of Japanese hornet contains 700 members. They feed on honey bee larvae in the larger amount, have the power to finish up to 40 honey bees in a minute.

Killer bees also known as Africanized honey bees, one of very aggressive and dominant insects in the world. The group of killer bees follow the victim for more than 1 miles. The group of killer bees consist of hundreds or thousands of members. They attacked in the group and make repetitive stinging and cause death. The killer bees mainly target the face and eyes of humans. In fact, their toxin is not so dangerous but an attack by group cause a fatality. They live within large colonies that contain more than 80000 members. Once they get disturbed the bees become alert for next 24 hours and attach any animals and humans come within their range.

the most dangerous species on Earth. The deadliest insect causes 1 million death every year by transmitting dangerous malaria disease. Mosquitoes carry malaria germs from one place to another and they transmit germs into the blood of victim by biting. WHO estimated that in every 30 seconds a child dies due to malaria and 500 millions cases of malaria reported every year.

MosquitoesAsia and Africa)

Killer bees(Africa)

Giant Japanese Hornet

Driver Ants(Africa)


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