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Social Studies

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In the beginning of the 18th century the capital of Russia was moved to St.Petersburg, by Peter the 1st. In 1917 the capital of Russia was moved back to Moscow.

Kemlin Facts -The Kremlin is the residence of Russian tsars and hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.-The Kremlin has been the residence of the President of the Russian Federation and his Administration since 1992.-The Kremlin has been and remains a unique monument of Russian culture and a symbol of Russian statehood.-In 1955 the unique museums again became accessible to everyone.


The Red Square-The center of Moscow-"Red" also stands for "beautiful" in Old Slavonic tongue.-Much blood has been shed there.

This is a map of the region

This is the local map!

Bolshoi ballet got it's name in 1825.Meant to preserve the 19th century classic dance.

Ivan the TerribleBack then Terrible was close to the word awesome, he did do bad things as in killing many who didn't deserve it and also good ones, like creating a ceteralized government.

Latitude and longitude of Moscow is 55.7500° N, 37.6167° E


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